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REM ISF Process
Less friction and less heat = more horsepower and longer life.

The ISF process is a two-step chemical and vibratory process that eliminates the microscopic peaks on metal to metal contact surfaces such as gears. Through the simple leveling of the peaks, the dimensional integrity of the part is not compromised and a smooth chrome-like finish is created that has numerous beneficial qualities.

ISF processed components allow race cars to pick up the extra horse power that is normally lost to friction. Gear sets run much cooler after receiving the ISF Process. In racing, cool operating temperatures mean improved power and durability. This will save money as well as seconds.

There is simply no substitute for REM’s ISF Process. It is no wonder that teams in top racing series throughout the world choose REM. For performance-based companies whose products must excel in an extreme environment, ISF can mean the winning difference.

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Houseman Autosport
6564 Decker Drive London, Ontario Canada N6P 1J5
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